UK NMC Registration Guide for Nurses from Ghana: 

In view of the high levels of unemployment and the underpayment of nurses and midwives in some countries and the dire need of these health workers in the United Kingdom, it is only wise for those affected to accept the opportunity to work in an advanced country like the UK.  There are, however, certain necessary requirements to fulfil to be able to practice in the UK as a nurse or a midwife. It is for these reasons that Dreams Consult together with its partner agencies (sponsors) has decided to make information available for all nurses and midwives who will be interested to prevent their exploitation by some unscrupulous persons.

Registering with the NMC is your first step to working as a nurse in the UK. To help you through the registration process, we have put together this quick step-by-step guide for nurses trained in Ghana or any other country outside of the EU/EEA:

Basic Requirement

  1. English language requirements – all applicants must be able to show they can communicate clearly and effectively in English by undertaking the International English Language Test (IELTS) with a score of 7.0.  A 6.5 in the writing component is allowed.  
  2. Practice requirements – at the time of the application, the applicant must have practised as a registered nurse or midwife for at least 12 months (full time or the part-time equivalent) after qualifying. This requirement is waived as of August 2018.
  3. Registration requirements – applicants must hold a current registration or licence without restriction with the licensing authority or registration body in the country in which they qualified or have been practising. NMC will require verification from that authority.
  4. Education requirements – applicants must have successfully completed at least 10 years of school education before starting a post-secondary education nursing or midwifery training programme. In short, you must have at least, a 3-year diploma certification to qualify.


  • Test of competence (CBT) – in the UK, each field of nursing and midwifery is separate and distinct. Each requires three years of specialist pre-registration education and practice. The test of competence requires extensive preparation and study to make sure you can demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of professional skills at the right level. The test of competence is in line with NMC’s pre-registration standards and competencies for all nurses and midwives. There are standards for adult (general) nursing, children’s nursing, learning disabilities nursing, mental health nursing and midwifery. They cover professional values, communication, nursing decision-making and leadership. Once applicants have passed the eligibility assessment, they will be asked to sit for the first part of the test of competence. This will be a computer-based test of theoretical practice-based knowledge. The test format will be multiple choice and can be taken in test centres around the world. Applicants will need to contact Pearson Vue, NMC’s test provider, to book and pay for their test.
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) – the second part of the test is the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This will act out scenarios in which nurses and midwives are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, carry out and evaluate care. Each separate clinical examination is known as a ‘station’ and candidates will visit all the stations within a set time. Each of the six stations has standardised marking criteria against which all candidates are assessed. Candidates are assessed by a panel of examiners and will be filmed for quality assurance purposes. Candidates are expected to demonstrate safe and effective practice. The test of competence is based on current UK pre-registration standards. You can take the OSCE in the UK at the University of Northampton. When NMC authorises candidates to take the OSCE, they should contact the university directly.

 PIN Issuance

  • Identification check – applicants are required to attend a face-to-face identification check at NMC office in London. At the ID interview, you must produce the original versions of the documents you sent photocopies of. They will make final checks on your previous registration, and take a photograph for their records.
  • Final registration – once NMC has received notification that an applicant has successfully completed part two of the test of competence and the ID check, they will be invited to complete their final declaration and payment for registration online. Once both have been received, you will be sent your PIN (personal identification number), confirming that you are fully registered with the NMC. Your registration will then show up on the NMC register online.


  • Obtaining the right English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS) £200 (to be refunded by the sponsor) – tuition is provided by Dreams Consult.
  • Part 1 test of competence (CBT) £90 (to be refunded by the sponsor)- study materials are available at Dreams Consult.
  • Application for nursing/midwifery to join the UK NMC £140 (to be refunded by the sponsor)
  • Part 2 test of competence (OSCE) £992 (to be paid by the sponsor)
  • Admission into UK NMC register £153 (shall be paid by the sponsor)

Immigration Processes

Applicants should beware that they will be required to meet the full requirements of the UK’s immigration processes separately.


Do contact us on WhatsApp, via email or call 0245444499 for assistance.


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