The British Council has introduced Computer-Delivered IELTS, otherwise known as CD IELTS, in Ghana. The introduction of the computer-delivered version of IELTS has been welcomed by all stakeholders- sampled test takers, IELTS trainers, IELTS registration agencies and the British Council. This version of the IELTS will be run parallel to the paper version. It is important to note that the computer test has not come to replace the paper one.

In a short ceremony at the British Council Accra, on the 4th of December 2018, the CD IELTS was launched after IELTS trainers who took trial tests gave this test delivery method a thumbs up. The first public session and actual test will be taken on December 14, 2018. Dreams Consult was represented by two of their trainers who got familiarized with the new test and have started training candidates on it. The new form of exam delivery could be best described as very innovative and simple.

With the CD IELTS, the listening, reading and the writing tests are taking on a computerwhilst the speaking test remains a face-to-face interaction between a trainedexaminer and the candidate.

The highpoints about the CD IELTS are its availability and the time it takes results to be released. When the delivery gets to its optimum level, the test will be available on three days of the week and each day could have 3 sessions including an evening session held a day. More examination centres will also be established in the coming days. Moreover, candidates are allowed to pick their own speaking dates which could be on the same day the written tests are taken. That is flexible; isn’t it? Finally, the result for the CD IELTS would be made available in 5 to 7 days instead of the 13 days for the paper test. That’s quick.

One does not be a typist to be able to write the CD IELTS. Only a fundamental computer knowledge is required to successfully take this test.

In terms of the test format and structure, there has not been any change. The CD IELTS has the same difficulty level with the prevailing test, the same examiners mark both tests and it is still the same IELTS owned by the Cambridge University (Cambridge Language Assessment), the British Council and idp Australia. Apparently, the content of the test, management and format have not changed in anyway. The only thing that has changed is the way in which the test is delivered to the testtakers.  

For more information, contact the British Council or Dreams Consult.

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