The answer is yes. Yes, it’s Yes!

As an education and migration agency facilitating the process for registered nurses to migrate to the UK, we receive a lot of inquiries on the possibilities of midwives joining too. First of all, most of us are already aware that NHS recognised hospitals are financing the migration of foreign nurses into the UK with enticing relocation packages including even plane ticket and accommodating in addition to assisting them to pay other fees incured in the NMC registration process.

Just as the UK needs nurses, they need midwives too and in fact, other health workers including doctors, mental health nurses, nursing assistant and a host of others are all being sought after by this country. However, unlike the general nurses, the shortage is not as precarious as will force the hospitals to be directly involved in recruiting overseas.

What a midwife can do to go and work in the UK is to finance all the processes involved in the themselves. The process involves the stages below:

  • Pass IELTS
  • Pass CBT
  • Register with the UK NMC
  • Get a job offer
  • Receive a CoS
  • Apply for tier 2 Visa
  • Work as a pre-registered midwife
  • Pass OSCE within a year
  • Get a full registration status

Dreams consult is a leading provider of IELTS tuition and registration processes. Should you require any assistance or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

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